A Collection of Images to Honor and Celebrate our History of Dance

“To be fully invested and creative, you need a sense of history.”

Tom Ralabate

“The study of dance history can give students of all ages a sense that they have come from a long line of tradition, a family of dancers. Fostering that sense of heritage is part of developing the artist in all students.”

Jeanne Fornarola

As we move forward in the world of dance, it is important to take the time to honor and celebrate the dancers that came before, those dancers who did the groundwork and paved the way for us, and the dancers of the future.  

This collection is my way of bringing together my two passions, dance and photography.  I look forward to honoring dance legends and recapturing memorable images of them, in my own way.

As a photographer, my goal is to capture true and honest movement of the dancers I work with, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  As a dance teacher, it is important to push and inspire my students with movement. I also take pride in sharing the history of the movement we are working on.  I love passing down the stories shared by my teachers of dance legends, pioneers, and visionaries that have established this amazing world of dance we are cultivating.  

I look forward to sharing my journey in this blog as I delve into the past and take the time to celebrate all styles of dance, and the legacy that has been created by so many.