Fred Mayor Emulating Viktor Manoel

“PUNKING ~ it’s the Action. Initiation. Ignition. Inner-Dialogue, Behavior. FULL-USE of BODY and “SPACE” as a tool to Attack, Dominate, Conquer, Challenge, Play, whatever sound/music is used as a soundtrack/score for such expression, thus making the people watching feel as if sound/music is emanating from your body thru this art form known as PUNKING.”

-Viktor Manoel

Hailed as a pioneer in the street dance world, Viktor Manoel trail blazed his way into the world of dance via underground clubs, where he was discovered. Though his early exposure to dance was in the form of traditional folk dancing, he eventually joined friends in the underground clubs and used dance as an emotional outlet.  After being discovered and pushed to audition, he started finding his way into dance studios and gained a variety of training and inspiration in styles like ballet and jazz.  With his iconic dynamism, cutting edge style and charismatic androgyny, Viktor eventually made his way into films and music videos as well as tours with performing artists like Grace Jones and David Bowie.  He spent much time on stage performing as Bowie’s alter and went onto perform with a wide variety of other major players in the industry.  What brought Viktor to all of this success as a performer was his style of dance, known as Punking originally, and now Whacking.  Created as a true style of self-expression, Whacking allows for action, reaction, and evoking a personal journey through movement.  Viktor continues to train, educate, and guide dancers in Whacking and is an inspiration to many.             

Fred Mayor Emulating Viktor Manoel

“The movement of Whacking is important to me because it truly has helped me find myself as a dancer and performer, to just truly be in the moment living in the feeling or character that is in me on the dance floor.  Since this style was created by young gay men of color in the early 70s, I have my own deep connection because I also am a young gay man of color.  When it comes to any style of dance that is under the umbrella of “Urban/Underground/Club/Hip Hop” do yourself the favor and find the truth in its history. Learn where they came from, why they were born, what vocabulary there is, who was there from the start, and then find your own way within it. Know & honor the history, then forge your own path.  Whenever I teach Whacking, I have to always include the history. Many around the world know of this style with its East Coast given name, Waacking with a double A. So it is very important to me to spread the original history since it’s from LA & my mentor Viktor Manoel is the only living originator of this style.”

-Fred Mayor